KFC Can’t Compete With This Fried Chicken

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments


My first day walking around Manila, the Philippines and I happen to stumble upon a food item that I simply could not possibly pass by.  I took one look at the pile of “1 day old” chickens and decided I had to partake of them.


I ordered as the chef quickly threw one of the baby chickens into the boiling oil to reheat it.  He then poked it with a stick and pulled something very small out the mid section of the bird to discard (no idea what it was, but apparently its not eaten).  The cook then served the chicken to me on a stick with a sour vinaigrette sauce.


I began with the head, munching the neck and beak in a unifed bite.  The little guy went down rather easily.  It tasted like chicken except with an extra crunch, as well as a rather bitter gamy taste to it that really crept in as the eating continued.


1 day old fried chickens really are an exquisite and wonderful snack.  At only 2 to 3 bites, they are also perfect to be eaten off a stick.

After eating one it was only right that I also munch his sibling, and went ahead and ordered up a second round of 1 day old fried chickens.  Luckily each chick will only set you back 6 pesos or about $0.12, so an all out day old chicken buffet might only cost a few bucks.  In my opinion, that’s a great deal for a protein rich treat.

I was pulling a combination of beak and chicken feet out of my teeth for the next couple of hours.