What To NEVER Do in Krabi

By Mark Wiens 38 Comments

10.  Avoid a Longtail Boat trip around small Islands

Longtail boats are Krabi’s ocean voyaging vessels tricked out with crackling car engines and long propeller shafts that plunge into the water.  To feel like a millionaire you must do some island-ing and observe some glorious beach-scapes.  Don’t miss an opportune ride!

koh gai krabi
Koh Gai Krabi

9.  Skip Wat Tham Seua  (Tiger Temple)

The Wat Tham Seua could be the most interesting temple I have been to in Thailand.  Before human invasion, the caves where temples are now located were an ideal place for tigers.  There are a few breathtaking hikes around the area including one to the top of the limestone cliff, walk to see the “big trees,” and observing monks who reside in cave dwellings.

Wat Tham seua monks
wat tham suea

wat tham suea monks
Monk dwelling at the Tiger Temple

8.  Neglect a Krabi Style Seaside Thai Food Buffet

Across the street from Ao Nang beach are stalls that could be more teeming with seafood than the sea itself, the only difference is, these are swimming in oil! The simple joy of ordering the best Thai disheslike fried fish, som tam, squid, and larb, is a marvel that can’t never get old.  There is also an outstanding selection of Southern Thai food classics like gang massaman among a host of others.

krabi seafood
Seafood Abundance
krabi food
Killer beachside feast!

7.  Disregard the 5 am Krabi Market

The early am market in the middle of Krabi town is a wonderful place to purchase edible related items.  The seafood is lively and fresh, the cooked food is hastily being shuffled, and the dry food and spices are neatly arranged.

6.  Miss Railay Bay

The world famous, and rightfully so, Railay Bay, is a joyous place for relaxers and adventure enthusiasts alike.  The clear bay with the hovering limestone cliffs above, make the secluded beach a place for people to roast in the sunshine or climb around the cliffs.

railay bay krabi beach

view of railay bay krabi

5.  Blow off a local experience with a monitor lizard

4.  Ignore a Krabi style sunset

sunset in krabi thailand

3.  Forget Suncreen

The sun in Krabi is utterly unforgiving.  It will roast victims alive and turn creatures into various forms of jerky.

2.  Eat McDonald’s

1.  Chew on something called “Mahk” (low tone)

gin maak
Dreadful results of eating maaaaak

Mahk (in a low tone) single-handedly takes the crown for worst thing I’ve ever chewed in my life (and I’ve chewed a lot of freakishly weird foods!).  It looked like betel nut wrapped in a leaf which I chewed frequently in the mountains of the Philippines and in Northern Thailand.  However, it was actually an ember wrapped in a leaf that caused chemical mouth burns when chewed and felt like I repeatedly licked a course piece of sand paper.  The chemical mouth wounds then turned to inch long canker sores which disabled all mouth activities for at least a week.  My adventurous eating habits finally burned me…literally.  For the first few days I was on the verge of tears just drinking water, let alone trying to finish buffets!  Attempting to eat or drink anythings produced excruciating pain and I was finally truly devastated.  The only redeeming glory is that there are two sides to the mouth, one side was spared, and I discovered I could eat with my head parallel to the ground to avoid food contact with the disabled side of my mouth.  Don’t ever play with the mahk!

Have an awesome time in Krabi, but whatever you do, NEVER ever attempt to eat maaaaaaahk!!!

-Migration Mark

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  • Sandy

    3 months ago

    Love your writing, I’m in Thailand, Krabi now and am heading out on a long boat as we speak. Cheers thanks Sandy

  • The Mama Pirate

    1 year ago

    A good list of not to do in Krabi. I have written a post on “15 Things to Do in Krabi at Night”.

  • Teoh

    3 years ago

    How I miss Krabi, definitely going to visit again soon after the pandemic is settled. Do you think the buffet there is better than those in Hatyai?

  • EileenTham

    10 years ago

    Hi Mark! I’m probably gonna travel to Pailay in coming August 2014 and your post was just awesome! I can’t wait to explore Krabi further with your apt descriptions!

  • Daniel

    11 years ago

    I’m going to Krabi in 3 weeks time. Luckily I found your website!
    is your tongue caused by some skin sensitive problem or its really mahk that does it? OMG poor thing…

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Daniel, they added a ton of slaked lime which made it hurt my tongue. Have fun in Krabi!

  • Ursula

    11 years ago

    Oh boy cant wait for our trip to Thailand – we leave next week!!! Sun, Sea and Sand! Going to be a splendid 2 weeks! Thanks for all the fantastic tips and pics.

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Ursula, great to hear that, have a great trip!

  • FightLiveShare.com

    11 years ago

    Krabi is really underrated. Surprised more people don’t make their way down there instead of Phuket.

    Ao Nang is one of my favorite places in Thailand.

    Forgetting sunscreen isn’t an option. My Irish skin is too white for that to happen.

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Haha, sunscreen is very necessary. My fiance, soon to be wife is originally from Krabi, so I really like it there too!

  • mike

    12 years ago

    Headed to Krabi in three weeks. So glad I found this!


  • Eddie

    13 years ago

    What you actually ate could be Paan the leaf and beetle nut inside it:) lol

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Hey Eddie! I think there was also some lime powder in the mix that really made it harsh!

  • krabi

    13 years ago

    The food pic make me hungry. Very nice collection of pic. Thailand is really a good place specially the lake, mountains and delicious food make the tourists crazy and unforgettable.


    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Yes, Krabi is a wonderful place surrounded by beauty. I still love the food!

  • Sawati

    14 years ago


    In Thailand,many old people chew mahk…no problem.It gives them a feeling of well being



  • adriansabah

    14 years ago

    What a beautiful place and great photographs! But you should have left out the Mahk, man. Now all I can think about is the Mahk.

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      Thanks Adrian, haha, Don’t let the mahk discourage you from going to Krabi, it can easily be avoided!

  • Mark Wiens

    14 years ago

    Shannon: Yah, I couldn’t believe it either, I still wonder how people can possibly build a tolerance to mahk. Have an awesome time in Krabi when you get to go!

    Gourmantic: Thank you very much. The boats rides are great especially when cruising past limestone cliffs and throught the crystal waters. There is definitely a patch of sand and warm water waiting!

  • Gourmantic

    14 years ago

    Beautiful photography! I love the composition and clarity of your images. Longtail boat rides sound like my kind of thing. All I need is a small patch of sand and have a swim in those clear waters.

    The Mahk looks like torture!

  • Shannon OD

    14 years ago

    That is wild! I cannot believe that the Mahk did that to your tongue! As for the rest – officially cannot wait to get to Krabi, I missed it on my last trip to Thailand 🙂

  • Mark Wiens

    14 years ago

    @ChaoticMark, Thanks for the suggestion of Pnom Phen Park, will check it out next time.

    Apparently only old women (like all my friends grandmothers) eat mahk. Some local friends told me they had sampled it and had the same reaction, however I think ours was worse. Probably because as it was burning, we kept on chewing, riding it out for over 15 mins, where most people would have spit it out. Still have no idea but did learn a lesson!

  • @ChaoticMark

    14 years ago

    krabi is absolutely gorgeous. i would also add to not miss Pnom Phen National Park (sp?) not too far from the Tiger Cave. it’s a killer place to hike and get lost for several hours.

    as for the mahk… have the locals built up a tolerance over time or do you think your experience might have been an allergic reaction maybe?

  • Jason

    14 years ago

    Um…I want to do all of this! 6 months and counting…

  • Dina

    14 years ago

    Your decription about Mahk is hilarious 😀 I’ll remember this warning if I go there! It looks like the rock formation is gorgeous there, the Railay Bay. I hope I will go there someday.

  • Cody McKibben

    14 years ago

    Now you know why I love Krabi! You learned some great lessons man, but I want to hear the story behind that monitor lizard (and why the hell are you holding like a rifle!?)

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      You are right, I now know why you call Krabi your favorite place in the world.

      Wish I could tell a more heroic tale. We were walking along the road on Koh Jum when we stumbled into a group of youth emerging from the forest with the beast, some jungle herbs, and laughs and giggles. The monitor lizard (“hia” in Thai, is the worst diss you can say to someone, be careful with it) can’t be looked at or even thought of without disgust in Thailand. We started talking to the crew who were thrilled that we were not afraid of it and then wanted us hold it up and take crazy pictures to which they all laughed hysterically. The gun was some kind of homemade pellet weapon where you need to stuff it with gun powder and light some coconut husk to blast it off. We had an awesome hilarious conversation about how they were going to cook and eat it before continuing on our walk.

  • Mark Wiens

    14 years ago

    Thanks Christine, I’m sure you would love it, you should come over sometime!

    Diggy: Thanks a lot, Yah, I take all the pictures. You should definitely come through to Thailand sometime. The food, scenery, entertainment, and people, are all fantastic!

    Dame: Awesome, I hope you have a great time in Thailand. How long will you be traveling around the country?

  • The Dame

    14 years ago

    What a fun way to write a post, I’ll be in Thailand in two weeks, thanks for adding things to my itinerary for me! 🙂

  • Diggy

    14 years ago

    Hey Mark!

    Very cool post! I’ve never been to Thailand but I really want to go. You’ve posted some beautiful pictures here. Did you take them yourself?

    Sorry to hear about the Maak 🙂 Does not look like something I wanna try!


  • Christine

    14 years ago

    Love this post. Awesome pics too… makes me want to go there now (except for the Mahk, that looks nasty!)

  • Mark Wiens

    14 years ago

    Thanks Tom, I checked out your pics of Tonsai, it does look spectacular. I will try to go there next time I go down to Krabi!

  • Tom

    14 years ago

    Haha. Maak looks sick. Don’t forget about Tonsai Bay! I lurve it a little more than Railay