VIDEO: Eating Traditional Hawaiian Food

By Mark Wiens 5 Comments

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Hawaiian Food Video
Hawaiian Food

Earlier this week I published an article all about the top traditional Hawaiian foods to eat and here’s a video to go along with it!

I ate this meal at the home of one of my relative’s, so sorry there’s no restaurant recommendation to go along with this article and video.

However, if you want to try some Hawaiian food in Honolulu, check out Ono Hawaiian Foods or if you have a chance go to Alicia’s Market in Kalihi for the delicious Hawaiian plate lunch!

Have you ever tasted poi?

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  • survivor io

    2 months ago

    So attractive. I was fed when I was a child. I really miss this taste!

  • Ayngelina

    12 years ago

    How did you guys eat loco moco? Seriously, I have been trying to eat as much Hawaiian food as possible but I cannot stomach hamburgers and gravy with eggs and rice in the morning.

    Also not a fan of poi although I do like taro other ways.

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      A loco moco is just so comforting of a dish for me – but I did grow up with it and food like it. Have you had poke yet?

  • Gary Arndt

    12 years ago

    Did you try loco moco?