Rules Of Engorgement: Thai Beef Noodles

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Guay Teow Sen Lek Nuaa (Beef Noodle Soup)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand, Guay Teow Lookshin Disco Restaurant, 493/18 Thanon Ratchawithi (Victory Monument), Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, great place for lunch and open from 10 am to about 3 pm, Tel. 02 245 6790

Cost: 30 THB ($0.93 USD)

Thai Beef Noodles (chili-less)
thai beef noodle soup
Beef noodles doused with the recommended condiments

thai beef noodles

The street side restaurant perched on the side of the bustling Rachtawithi Road near Bangkok’s Victory Monument is abuzz with enthusiastic eaters during lunch time hours.

It’s a tough task to walk past without devouring a quick bowl when the broth hits your nose and  bathes you in a beefy aromatherapy.

Rice noodles are delicately prepared in a long handled basket before being lowered into the boiling broth for a few seconds of cooking and then piled into a bowl.

Some pork skin and oil, a toss of green onions and parsley, a few signature pork balls, and a handful of ultra tender beef is spread onto the steaming noodles.

A ladle of broth laced with exciting flavors of beef, coriander, onions, and ginger, forces the pork balls and all other buoyant materials to float to the top of the bowl, mixing all flavors perfectly.

A personal scoop of chili, a squirt of fish sauce, and a sprinkle of vinegar, and the Thai style beef noodles are ready to please me again for a great lunch.

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  • Anndrea

    9 years ago

    Yummy!! My late Mother in law used to make this and now I do! It’s one of my husbands favorites!! ; )

  • Josias Lopes

    10 years ago

    God save me from the cholesterol…

  • lauren

    14 years ago

    Man, those pictures make me super hungry. I miss Thai food, can’t wait to get away from the land of McDonald’s and find some healthy, HUGE meals like that one!

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      Yah, for sure. I think living in Thailand as well as other Asian countries is a real treat by way of food. The dishes are delicious, can be healthy, and because of their cheap price, can be ordered in large quantities.