Rules Of Engorgement: Tacos De Cabeza

By Mark Wiens 9 Comments

Name: La Salsita Restaurant

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

3827 N. 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85031, Tel. (602) 455-4638

Cost: $1 per taco

Tacos De Cabeza Salsitas Phoenix

Tacos De Cabeza Phoenix Salsitas

At 2 am the line coming out of the small tri-colored shack in Phoenix is filled with gangstaz, banderas, families, rebellious youth, and wedding parties.

Some are inebriated and unbalanced while others are swaying from bass blasting from a parked SUV’s.

Everyone is waiting for the famous Salsitas tacos.

For me, the tacos de cabeza or tacos made with the fatty meat from the head of the cow takes the creme de la creme of all taco choices, hands down.  Corn tortillas are filled with sloppy and ultra tender dripping meat and then doused with sweet grilled onions, generous amounts of cilantro, liquefied avocado, tangy salsa, and a fresh squeeze of lime.

It’s without doubt that Mexican’s have developed a food that elevates itself to an ultra scrumptious late night treat.

-Migration Mark

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  • Carl Cuperstone

    3 years ago

    It’s without doubt that Mexican’s have developed a food that elevates itself. I absolutely love their tacos!

  • Gourmantic

    14 years ago

    Fatty meat of the head…sounds way too calorific! What did it taste like?

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      Oh, I hear that if you eat more than 3 in an evening the heartburn prohibits sleeping. Don’t let that discourage you, it tastes like really really tender beef that you don’t even have to chew, but just slides right down. Though it is fatty, the flavor is wondrous!

  • fai

    14 years ago

    do u always take a pic of the awesome foods by urself before u have found them delicious? well..just doubt sorry hehe. its meat from head of the cow, so interesting and it looks so yummy! i have heard the most delicious parts of cow is fillet or tenderlion. i think each part of cow is all delicious..its depend u can choose part of beef which should be suitable for ur food that u wanna cook.Anyway wish i could try all stuffs u have posted before i die!
    PS. durian season is coming soon in thailand haha
    big new potato gun cant work