Rules of Engorgement Saturday: Nasi Berlauk, Malaysia

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My passion of being a voracious connoisseur of all things edible from all over the globe has led to the development of a movement from “starving to stuffed” and “hungry to happy,” that will focus on displaying feasts from around the world.

What is “Rules of Engorgement?”

A weekly Saturday blog article posted on Migrationology that will showcase ambrosial culinary feasts and encourage world travel by way of delicious food.

Rules of Engorgement posts will include:

Name: Nasi Berlauk (rice with mixed dishes)

Location: on the street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, near the Petronas Towers
Cost: 5 MYR ($1.55 USD)

Nasi Berlauk Malaysian Food
Nasi Berlauk Buffet

nasi berlauk

An unbelievable spread of Malay food specialties articulately arranged on portable tables beneath a shade tree emerged from a sketchy van not long before noon. 

In the midst of a chaotic hungry crowd, I was handed a banana  leaf wrapper that I stuffed with a chili fish, curried vegetables, and all kinds of random excitements (picture above was taken 1/2 way through the meal due to my excitement). 

After artfully blending my dishes, the host dolloped a chunk of rice in the middle, wrapped up the leaf, and secured it with a rubber band. 

The chili filled sweet fish, the coconut creamy taste of the green beans, and the pungent taste of cumin and turmeric, intricately balanced with each other in harmony.  Nasi Berlauk in Malaysia is an affordable and  joyous way to feast!