Rules of Engorgement: Cambodian Breakfast

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Food at Angkor Wat
Eating in Cambodia

Com Tam (rice with fried pork and pickles), Khmer Noodles

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia, at Angkor Wat eating with the Tuk Tuk drivers

Cost: 4000 KHR Cambodian Riel each dish ($0.95 USD)

Khmer Noodles
Rice noodles

The tourist catered cuisine in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat, doesn’t always appeal by both taste and budget to a voracious food connoisseur.  Fortunately, the local tuk tuk drivers who constantly transport tourists from temple to temple need to eat too.  The driver’s laughed as they hinted that we would unquestionably get sick if we partook.

Khmer Rice and Pork
Pork over rice

Our general instincts and African experienced stomachs overruled the driver comments and soon our palettes were filled with a grilled pork cutlet over rice, and rice noodles suffocating in a delightful chili paste.

The salty pork cutlet was expertly complimented by a cabbage and cucumber sour pickle and a sweet chili sauce.

The noodles were equally pleasing and covered in an herbaceous chili sauce with the same accompanying pickle.  Our stomachs held up and the dishes were a smashing delight!!!

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  • Hector Gull

    14 years ago

    breakfast foods should always be high in protein and also in carbohydrates, we need food energy during the early morning “*-