Photo: Life in Manila, Philippines

By Mark Wiens 5 Comments
Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Manila is the capital mega-city of the Philippines.

Like any other large city, one of my favorite things to do in Manila, is just walk around aimlessly and observe the life and action. Manila always offers a glimpse of something interesting.

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  • David Pearl

    10 years ago

    Been to Cebu and felt safe–what is so dangerous about Manila at night ??

  • Bobby J.

    10 years ago

    Hello Mark, Since being on the web have been connected with 3 or more woman in the country. One came to US & got a chance to be with them. My question is about Manila & the life, food, cost of living, & any thing you can add. I have a lady friend
    who lives there. Well she is wanting me to come there to live probably marry & have
    a life with her. I’m concerned about living conditions, the church that I want to be apart of, doctors, hospitals, & more. You see I’m looking towards retirement soon &
    wonder how far my money will budget there. She already has a home planned for us.
    I enjoy the warmer climate but worry about the topical storms because haven’t lived around ocean & high waves. Hopefully Manila is not much danger as southern
    Philippines. Any help or comments is appreciated.

  • Mel

    11 years ago

    Awesome photo you got there!!! You know, 4-5 years ago, that street is car-less. All you’ll see then were vendors lining the street selling a variety of things.

  • Mari Quijano

    11 years ago

    @Arty I’m a local and I am also stressed when crossing streets so I feel you. Manila is a vibrant city. If you’re a foreigner, just be wary of overfriendly people, they might be up to something not good. Otherwise, enjoy! We have 7, 107 islands to explore. 😀

  • Trevor

    11 years ago

    Hey Mark, stumbbled across your blog and find it quite interesting. I will be in Manila in mid April, traveling alone. Any good tips for a solo traveler in the country? I am young (23) like yourself and I have friends (locals) there but will be by myself most of the time. Thanks again and keep living the dream.

    – Trevor