My 7 Links: Review of Posts From the Past

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Mark and Fish
Mark and Fish

I was nominated by Earl who runs the always exciting Wandering Earl travel blog (if you haven’t seen his blog, go check him out now – he’s one of my biggest inspirations and examples in the travel world), to partake in a 7 links project.

The 7 links project for travel bloggers was started by Katie from Tipbase in an effort to share content that has gotten submerged in the massive archives of material.

So here it is, 7 questions answered by 7 links from past Migrationology posts. Thanks for taking a look and I’d love to hear your comments! I’ve also posted 5 more travel bloggers to take part in this project (at the end).

1. Most Beautiful Post

 21 Mesmerizing Photos of Stone Town, Zanzibar (in Black and White)

These photos were originally shot in color, but I decided to put them into black and white to see how they looked. I loved the way the detail and texture of the subjects in the photos were highlighted and exposed.

Amazing Thai Food
Amazing Thai Food

2. Most Popular Post

100 Thai Dishes to Eat in Bangkok: The Ultimate Eating Guide

Even though this massive post of all things Thai food was published over a year ago, it still brings in quite a bit of traffic from those seeking out Thai food. I knew I had an overwhelming supply of Thai food photos and I didn’t know what else to do, so that’s why ended up publishing this article in the first place!

3. Most Controversial Post

Dandora Dangerous: Nairobi’s Dump Site

Reflecting back, I guess I didn’t really write too many controversial posts on Migrationology. Looks like I’m going to have to get some controversy to an article for the future!

If you are looking for a controversial article I wrote, take a look at this one here: Yucky of What? Thailand’s 13 Most Totally and Utterly Repulsive Dishes.

It got some great hate comments – but it’s always fun to read hate comments and after seeing them, you immediately know that the comment leaver didn’t even read your post (by the way, I genuinely love all 13 of the dishes I mentioned on the list!).

4. Most Helpful Post

101 Things To Do in Nairobi

It struck me that Nairobi, a city that I grew up in for a majority of my youth years, had very little written about it. In fact, many tourists either avoid the city altogether (due to stories they’ve heard), or get bored after 2 -3 days of staying there.

Lists of top things to do in Nairobi were limited to the Top 10, and even then, it looked like writers were struggling to come up with things to do in the capital of Kenya. That’s when I started brainstorming and jotting things down about Nairobi to hopefully offer some fresh ideas and prove that Nairobi is a fantastic city to visit.

5. Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Smart Village Eritrean Restaurant in Nairobi

My devout love for Ethiopian cuisine rivals that of my Thai food affair.

So when I posted this review of one of my favorite restaurants in Nairobi (and all of the world), I was excited and surprised that so many people were interested and intrigued to learn more about Ethiopian food. If you haven’t had it, I’d encourage you to go check out an Ethiopian restaurant in your area (and let me know how you like it!).

6. Post I Feel Didn’t Got The Attention It Deserved

How to Eat Freakishly Weird Foods

As a devout lover of food from around the world, including all forms of weird food, this post about how to eat freakishly weird food probably didn’t get as much attention as I had hoped for. I wrote it sort of to be funny, but overall to help people to just go for it and sample it – even if it doesn’t look that appetizing!

Coron Island, Philippines
Coron Island, Philippines

7. Post I am Most Proud Of

How to be a Millionaire for $35.32

I wrote this post when I was in the Philippines, at a time when I really realized that it doesn’t take millions to feel like a millionaire if you are living and doing what you are most passionate about. It also goes to show that traveling doesn’t need to be nearly as expensive as many think.

Here are 5 Travel bloggers that I nominate to post an article of their 7 links.

Thanks for taking a look at this blast from the past!