Manchester United Burgers

By Mark Wiens 4 Comments


Penang, Malaysia is known for their exquisite cuisine. I didn’t come to Malaysia to partake of a burger, something I could get in the United States. I came to eat prawn mee, chicken rice, duck noodles, nasi kandoor, fish curry, and roti canai along with other epicurean wondrosities.

Yet walking down the street I was struck by a street hawker cart serving up Manchester United Burgers (click here if you don’t know who Manchester United are, and start supporting them). Could this possibly compete with the Double Hut Special, from Burger Hut, Nairobi, Kenya, arguably the greatest burger and establishment on earth? I had to sacrifice a bit of space in my stomach to find out.

I ordered the Double Old Trafford. The cook immediately threw 2 reddish, unknown meat (possibly a little dog, goat, and beef) patties on the grill, frying them in butter. To make things better, he sliced each patty in half to get an extra side of friedness (great idea!). The bun was also seared in a healthy portion of lard.


No more than 3 minutes later, the Double Old Trafford appeared from the cart, mystery patties, lettuce, onion, and doused in Malaysian hot sauce. It slid down with ease, the saucy combination and the unknown reddish tinged meat were vibrantly flavorful.


Although the Double Old Trafford burger was excellent to say the least, I’m sad to say, it had nothing on the Double Hut. However, I have zero regrets of eating the Manchester United Burger.

-Mark Wiens