Korean Air – Do They Serve the Best Airplane Food? (video)

By Mark Wiens 8 Comments

(If you can’t see the video, watch it here: http://youtu.be/8ND3a0rpfIw)

You’ve probably eaten a lot of bad airplane food.

But have you had good airplane food?

I’ve taken Korean Air a few times now, and I’d have to say their food is some of the best airplane food of any airline I’ve ever flown.

Normally, when you fly with Korean Air, you have the choice of a few Western dishes, or the “Korean meal” as they call – which is bibimbap – the awesome Korean rice salad mixture.

You should choose the bibimbap, which is one of my favorite Korean dishes.

Of course, you can’t compare food at a restaurant on solid ground to airplane food – it’s not going to compare – but for airplane food, I think Korean Air does a great job.

Any other airlines with good food?