Fresh Catch: An Eatery in Hawaii

By Mark Wiens No Comments

25 March 2009


In an ex-pizza hut in Honolulu, Hawaii, Fresh Catch, a fabulous local Hawaiian style eatery serves up all things beautiful from the sea.

I started off sampling a few of the various styles of  “poke (pronounced po ke’)” they make in the restaurant.  Poke is raw fish, marinated in a combination of shoyu (soy sauce), chili, seaweed, sea salt, sesame oil, onion, or green onion among other things.  Fresh Catch happens to have a wide range of different poke’s and stunning ones at that.  Firecracker salmon, and the shoyu ahi, as well as the smoked tako (octopus) were among favorites tastes.

img_0377I moved on to the main course, ordering the furikake (chopped seaweed, salt, and sesame seeds) salmon plate, consisting of salmon and two scoops of rice, downed in an aromic furikake.  Stunning…

img_0383Extremely fresh and not overcooked, with a tangy glaze, and salty seawead topping with just the right amount of crunch, made the Furikake Salmon from Fresh Catch a truly magnificent meal.

I would highly recommend to catch this fresh one!

Mark Wiens