Eating at Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

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Hajime Robot Restaurant
Hajime Robot Restaurant

Note: This is a guest post by Charles Rahm from Don’t Worry Just Travel who recently visited Bangkok and was able to eat at this unique restaurant.

I heard about a so called robot restaurant in Bangkok a while ago already, but never found the time to go there. It’s also a little off the beaten track. But I never completely forgot about it, so finally I decided to visit it. Here is my report.

Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
Entering the restaurant

Entrance to the restaurant inside monopoly park on the 3rd floor. By the way: You can reach the restaurant by using the outside stairs on the right side.

The Robots
The Robots

The Robots

My wildest imaginations, that the robots would freely drive or walk around in the restaurant and you could jump in front of them, to see how they react, were not fulfilled.

Instead they run on a track inside a 10 metre long glass corridor. But hey, therefore they can dance: About every 30 minutes they perform a dance show by moving their arms randomly and rotating around their axis. The best was one of the younger visitors: A girl – about three years old – was keenly watching their dance and imitating their arm movements. 🙂

There are two of these glass corridors, hence two robots – one of them a Samurai, the other one definitely resembling a female one – and around them the rectangular tables assorted in a typical Japanese cubicle restaurant style.

Bangkok's Hajime Robot Restaurant
Bangkok’s Hajime Robot Restaurant

Mr. Samurai, doesn’t he look cute?

And he’s got some talent, as he can serve you food on a tray and take the empty trays away.

The Food

It’s Japanese style and yummy. You can either choose to do individual orders or take the Shabu (boiling soup) or BBQ set (they call the sets “buffet” although the robot will serve you). Both these sets also include several Sushi dishes to be ordered. The sets are “all you can eat” and will cost you 499 Baht net per person. In my opinion it’s a good deal considering the extra entertainment you have with the robots.

Placing orders on the touchscreen
Placing orders on the touchscreen

Placing Orders

The non robotic staff will do the initial programming for you. After that you can just go through the easy touch-screen menu and order what you desire. 5 to 15 minutes later the robot will deposit it at the window of your table. Sometimes the normal staff will serve you something, if the robots are “in too much stress.”


Restaurant Website: Hajime Robot Restaurant
Phone Number: 02 683 1670 – Since you will need to go a long way there I recommend to call them and ask for a reservation. Doing this just two hours before you go is enough.
Address: Monopoly Park, 59/27 Rama 3 Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

About the Author: Charles Rahm is a Swiss “free independent traveller” who writes straight to the point travel tips on Don’t Worry Just Travel. Also check out his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.

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