CAUTION: Startling Toilet Warnings from China (in Engrish)!

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Toilet in China
Toilet in China

It wasn’t a squat pot, it was a decent looking toilet in an average Chinesey hotel.

Butt Plate Caution!
Butt Plate Caution!

I went into the bathroom, lifted the seat, and the red letters of CAUTION caught my attention.

If you can’t read the picture, I’ll go ahead and type out the text as follows:

“It can reach more than 100,000 times if you push down the butt plate by using force.”

Do Not use the litmusless cleaners to clean the seat-Cover, do no use the rigid or ablation, that will damage the surface of the seat-cover.”

Please avoid it from being shone directly by the sunlight or high temperature and strong light. (For they may cause the butt late to change color.)”

Do Not put heavy things on the butt plate. (For they may cause the butt plate to split open.)”

I found the entire warning of caution to be absolutely hilarious!

Butt plate anyone?