Best Pizza In America?…Pizzeria Bianco

By Mark Wiens 1 Comment

The best pizza in the nation, homemade mozzarella, homegrown herbs, vine ripe organic tomatoes, these were just a few of the phrases I heard floating around circles of various foodies when chatting about Pizzeria Bianco.


It took four hours before we were seated in the small restaurant with around 30 other hungry, eager, and glossy eyed guests.  The menu was small, precise, and completely sufficient.  Two appetizers, three salads, and six pizzas.  We began the eating with an extraordinarily fresh, plate of vine ripened, blood red tomatoes, topped with thick slices of creamy, lightly salted, handmade mozzarella, homegrown fresh leaves of potent basil, and then drizzled with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  That was devoured in a couple of seconds.



We then ordered two pizzas, the “Sonny Boy” and the “Wiseguy”.  Each was uniquely stunning, but the Sonny Boy really stood out.  When it arrived before us, I knew it was going to be the best pizza I had ever partaken.  The slices of salami shimmered in the dim lit restaurant as the black olives and mozzarella contrasted with each other, creating a truly magnificent work of art.  Immediately as I took my first bite the ripened tomatoes exploded with juiciness and the cheese and salami burst with complimentary gusto.  The crunchy, chewy, crust, cradled the salty, greasy toppings in an award winning medley of astonishing delightfulness.  The pizzas were each baked to perfection, as if they were the chef’s own children, and he had nurtured them from birth.

Chris Bianco has truly taken pizzas to a level that I personally didn’t feel they could reach, until eating at Pizzeria Bianco.  His pizzas are flawless creations of stimulating tastes that awaken the senses and amuse the intakers. No longer will the likes of bread, sauce, pepperoni, and cheese, from Dominoes, Pizza Hut, or Papa Johns ever satisfy my palette again.

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  • David

    15 years ago

    Mark….If we donate towards your site, can we request a meal be purchased and blogged about in honor of our contribution. Like a food dedication….. Dave