5 Photos that Capture the Vivid Colours of Traveling

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I was recently nominated by the Traveling Canucks to participate in Capture the Colour, a competition put on by TravelSupermarket.com.

The rules are to publish an article containing 5 photographs you’ve taken that creatively showcase the colours of blue, green, yellow, white and red. After browsing my files, I noticed I’ve also seen a lot of orange colours within my travels, so just like My Life’s a Trip, I decided to add a bonus photo – orange included.

Look around you. Colours really are a spice of life, without them everything would be drab and dull. So enjoy these colors!

Peaceful morning in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Peaceful morning in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

1. Blue: Jaffna, Sri Lanka

7 am, Jaffna, Sri Lanka – beads of sweat were already pouring down my nose like a morning dew – the sun was low yet harsh, the humidity like a sauna.

Walking down the road was peaceful, the rhythmic wooshing sound of grass brooms from women sweeping their gravel lots, the occasional “baaahahaaa” of a goat, and the squeak of cheaply made bicycles. The angle of the sun made all yellows and oranges blend into the light while the blue shirt of the boy lit up like it was made from neon.

This is the Sri Lanka I love!

Picking lotus flowers in a sea of green
Picking lotus flowers in a sea of green

2. Green: Yangshuo, China

I was riding a bicycle through the majestic karst mountain landscape. My legs were jelly and my butt was starting to ache.

“There’s a great place to sip on a refreshing lotus beverage,” my cousin had mentioned. We got off our bikes and ordered a round of icy cold sweet lotus water while relaxing on little stools within the patch. This guy was out amongst the sea of green, examining a freshly picked stem.

Burmese tofu salad
Burmese tofu salad

3. Yellow: Bangkok, Thailand

It was about a year ago when I first met Mona, a Burmese-Nepalese immigrant to Bangkok.

Winding my way through the confusing labyrinth of Bangkok’s Phra Khanong Market it was her inviting smile that urged me to sit down for a meal.

She was overjoyed that we chose to eat at her street stall, and when I decided to film the experience, she jumped in the video herself to explain some of the Burmese dishes she had prepared.

I won’t forget the bright yellow dish, something I first thought was either pieces of cheese or butter, but in reality were chunks of tofu made from yellow chickpeas (known as tofu thoke). Not only was her food exceptional, her ecstatic joy and her overwhelming kindness turned the meal into something truly memorable.

Mangosteen, white and pure on the inside
Mangosteen, white and pure on the inside

4. White: Southeast Asia

It would be horrible to visit southeast Asia and not take advantage of the fruit.

Tightly wrapped in an ugly bruised shell that bleeds red on your fingers when you open it, is flesh that’s whiter than a sheet and sweeter than nectar. During mangosteen season in southeast Asia, I often can’t resiste slurping down a few kilos each day.

Vibrantly red chillies drying on the ancient streets of Xingping, China
Vibrantly red chillies drying on the ancient streets of Xingping, China

5. Red: Xingping, China

Red in China is redder than anywhere else in the world.

I had just completed a 25 kilometer hike from Yangdi to Xingping; the entire trek felt like I was making my way through an ancient Chinese painting. The dramatic scenery was breathtaking.

Slowly walking through the ancient stone streets of Xingping a table full of bright red chillies caught my eye.

This gorgeous piece of turmeric was added to my curry!
This gorgeous piece of turmeric was added to my curry!

Bonus – Orange: Pusellawa, Sri Lanka

“Go to the market and buy whatever meat you want, and I will cook it,” said grandma.

I retuned from town with a chicken and she got started working her magic immediately. Little did I know, about 2 hours after watching grandma hand pluck this vibrantly orange turmeric root from her backyard, I would be savoring what is possibly the best chicken curry ever known to man.


Anyone is welcome to participate in the competition as well, just follow these guidelines. Thanks again to the Traveling Canucks for nominating me.

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