Netherlands cheese

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Dutch edam cheese

a selection of Dutch gouda and edam cheese

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  • Harm van Steijn

    5 years ago

    Hi Mark,
    I’m following your video’s on youtube for the last 3, me be 4 years. I saw on your website a picture of dutch Cheese. Because i’m 100% native dutch, i can tell ya a little bit about cheese in the Netherlands. Everyone is always talking about Gouda Chees and Edam cheese but these kind of cheeses you wil find in the most touristic centers around Amsterdam. But there are hundreds of differend duch cheeses and a lot of them taste much beter then de famous one above in the picture. If you visit the netherlands leave Amsterdam and go to the other places like Maastricht, Utrecht, Groningen, Middelburg. These places are less touristic and you can taste a lot more different dutch delights like cheese with cloves, different types of herbs like djinten , chillys basilicum ectc ect. Oke Mark hope to see a dutch video from you sometime. greetings from the Netherlands Harm van Steijn