VIDEO: Ikan Bakar – Adventure in Search of Kuala Lumpur’s Best Grilled Seafood!

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments

(If you can’t see the video, watch Ikan Bakar on YouTube here)

Thank you very much for watching!

Last week I shared a video about Kuala Lumpur’s insanely good South Indian Food.

Today, on an equally satisfying level, here’s a video about searching for a local restaurant that serves one of the most tantalizing displays of ikan bakar, or grilled fish (and seafood) in Kuala Lumpur.

I’ve been madly addicted to Malaysian food for years now, and an ikan bakar feast is hard to beat!



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  • Lutz

    10 years ago

    A view week ago we travel to the Resturant against 5pm. Unfortunately, the Resturant has closed we have been waiting for 2 hours. But then, unfortunately, made to only the first Resturat in the row. It was good food but not good looking as in your video. The biggest problem, however to get it back to the hotel. Because there are no taxis. We met a very nice couple from Maysia they took us back to the city. One tip please rent a taxi or agreed to be picked up by taxi driver. Walking in the nighttime is to dangerous !

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Good to hear from you Lutz, glad you were able to find this place and that you met some locals to drive you back to town. Yes, the location is a little off the beaten path, but the food is sow worth it.

  • Andrew

    11 years ago

    I’m a Malaysian and yet I didn’t even know this place exists! You mentioned it is in Jalan Bellamy – what’s the name of the restaurant (Ikan Bakar Gerai No: 3?), any landmarks? Thanks Mark, and well done. I have watched all your videos, and couldn’t wait for your latest ones to be posted..

  • Maria

    11 years ago

    Everyone has a bucket list of places to visit… I also have one for food to try and now that I’ve been introduced to ikan bakar – it’s at the top of that list.

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Haha, ikan bakar is a great food to have at the top of your food bucket list!