VIDEO: Fresh Seafood at Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market

By Mark Wiens 8 Comments

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Noryangjin Fish Market

One of the most delicious things to do in Seoul is to head to the mega Noryangjin Fish Market.

The seafood is as fresh as it gets, much of it still alive and swimming in aquariums.

Some of the creatures at the market were recognizable, while I had no idea what some things were – like the sea squirts.

One of the coolest things about the market is that you can eat at a seafood restaurant directly above the market. I stopped in and ordered a fish hot pot that was served along with an assortment of other delicious side dishes.

If you ever visit Seoul, don’t miss the Noryangjin Fish Market!

Enjoy the video!

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  • Brock – Backpack With Brock

    12 years ago

    Yum! Looks amazing!

  • Christy @ Technosyncratic

    12 years ago

    This place would be heaven for a fish lover! Fish smell makes me gag, though, so I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much. It’s much nicer to experience it from your video. 😉

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      Haha, ok, yes, if you’re not a seafood fan, this is definitely not the place to visit, but thanks for checking out the video!

  • Ayngelina

    12 years ago

    Nice video Mark, this place looks great!

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      Thanks Ayngelina, can’t get much better for seafood lovers!

  • Katherine – Kapcha The World

    12 years ago

    Wow looks awesome. Did you try the ‘sea penis’ or a live octopus?? I remeber both those from Korea but wasn’t brave enough to eat either of them!!

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      No, wasn’t able to sample either of those specialities this time. I found Seoul to be quite expensive, so I really had to pick and choose the things I ate… but those looked pretty crazy! Would you eat them next time you visit Korea?