VIDEO: Eating Thai Chicken Rice in Bangkok’s Pratunam District

By Mark Wiens 4 Comments

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Thai Chicken Rice
Thai Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice is basically boiled chicken served over fragrant rice that is cooked in chicken broth and chicken fat.

In Thailand, chicken rice is known as Khao Man Gai ข้าวมันไก่.

In this video I dine at a popular Bangkok street food restaurant that’s famous for Thai chicken rice in the Pratunam area of town.

It’s alright.

Not the dish I most enjoy eating in Thailand… but it is comforting and easy on the


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  • AThaiHouston

    12 years ago

    I actually love this dish its great comfort food. These pictures are great. Fascinating site keep up with the good work!

  • Krystina Marie Price

    12 years ago

    Very cool video Mark. Short overview of street was a nice touch. Good angle. Loved seeing you live, those big brown eyes and beautiful hands…

    I could almost smell the broth. Wished I was there sitting right across from you with my own bowels. The chili that was mentioned here made me miss Bangkok more than I already do… Fingers crossed, I’ll be back this summer as planned, and following up on your suggestions.

  • Phil

    12 years ago

    One of my fav things to eat in Asia, I often find this dish very healthy and low in fat and when the chilli sauce is poured all over the rice and chicken, its heaven! I wish I was at this location feasting on khao mun gai but alas no.

    Your blog is amazing btw. Stumbled across when I was goggling pics of gung ob woon sen which is another dish I crave.

  • Sebastiaan Stokmans

    12 years ago

    It’s not the most flavorful of dishes, I agree.I used to eat it for breakfast around Sukumvit 93, Soi 36 in an alleyway restaurant, they only served in the morning in the weekends. (3 years ago, not sure if they still do)
    What I miss in this shot is the Thai garlic and small green chill’s on the side, you must have tried that combination as well I guess, that gives the freshness and kick of the dish to me.
    Keep up the good eating!