VIDEO: Bangkok’s Upscale Or Tor Kor Market (ตลาด อ.ต.ก.)

By Mark Wiens 8 Comments

(If you can’t see the video, watch Or Tor Kor Market on YouTube here)

Unlike Klong Toey Market which is massive, dirty, and hectic, Or Tor Kor Market is organized, clean, and you don’t have to worry about getting hit by motorbikes or porters.

The market is known throughout Bangkok as the upscale grocer, a wet market where everything is of utmost quality. Fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood are premium.

One of the biggest bonuses of Or Tor Kor Market is that there’s a hawker food court packed with a marvelous selection of ready to eat Thai food. The stink beans are wonderful!

Did I mention the durian? It’s so creamy it tastes like sweet sweet butter!

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  • ihuyersr

    2 months ago

    Voted as the 4th market in the ranking of the best fresh markets in the world. Because Or Tor Kor is not just a local market, it is also a tourist destination in Thailand that attracts many tourists. The products sold here are carefully selected from all over the country. With a rich amount of extremely fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood.

  • Cher

    6 years ago

    Durian was pretty cheap 6 years ago..right now one seed costs nearly more than 120 Baht already.
    Btw. I really loved your facial expression when biting a good food LOL

  • Lin

    8 years ago

    I just came back from Or Tor Kor! It was nice clean and dry,. I am walking with walking stick at the moment, so it does help. Followed your instruction on your blog, we took MRT from the city. Awesome!! Winnig day today! Cheers Mark!

  • Molly

    8 years ago

    Hey Mark,
    Amazed by your VBlogs and you are truly a food adventurous.
    Was wondering Bangkok asides famous from its authentic local cuisine. They are also done well in serving international fusion food and beverages. Had the best Ramen and crepes in the town. It will be quite fun to find out your version of best burger, pastries, deserts etc in Bangkok.
    Will you post similar contents online?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and please keep exploring!


  • Zaima

    9 years ago

    Hi mark!

    We are in Bangkok now! We were looking for seafood streetfood, but most of them (especially the soups) are made of pig broth what we dont eat and therefore couldnt eat a lot of streetfood :(. We did have some good experience at the Social market at Siam and the Platinum shopping center Food court.

    If you have any suggestions for streetfood seafood which is muslim proof (lol) please let us know! As we are here till next monday.

    Zaima from Amsterdam.

  • Benjamin Goh

    10 years ago

    Hi Matt, can i check with you , is the price of fruit E.g mango cheap over there?
    i was hoping to buy one boxes of mango back my country if it cheap : say 10baht/ea?

  • Renee

    12 years ago

    Wow, I really don’t see any similarity between the two (Andrew Zimmern and Mark Wiens) apart from both being great food travellers/vloggers. I just recently stumbled upon this site and love it. You make me yearn travelling and hungry at the same time. I can’t wait to try Durian and all the other foods you speak of on my first trip to Thailand in Feb 2013 😀

  • Kris

    12 years ago

    Also, u may want to quit stealing your post-eating responses, both in your reaction and speaking-style of Andrew Zimmern. It shows you are just a “wanna-be” and foodie-neophyte.