Review: Touring Vietnam on a Motorcycle (Two Wheels and Rice Fields)

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Touring Vietnam on a Motorcycle
Touring Vietnam on a Motorcycle

Vietnam is one of the most thrilling destinations I’ve been to in all of Southeast Asia.

I remember when I first landed in Hanoi from Bangkok – I just couldn’t believe the busyness of the city and the vast amounts of motorcycle traffic everywhere on the road.

The last time I visited Vietnam, I was only there for 2 weeks (because at the time I was still teaching English in Thailand), but it was enough to wet my appetite and acknowledge just how interesting the country is.

Touring Vietnam on a Motorcycle

One of the most popular ways to see Vietnam these days is to either rent or buy a motorcycle. With so many locals using motorcycles on a daily basis, why not join them on the road!

When I was in Vietnam I remember thinking how convenient and how much fun it would be to hop on the back of a motorcycle and be able to go wherever I pleased, and especially stop wherever I wanted.

Driving past glorious looking Vietnamese street food stalls, I could just stop and eat anywhere (if I was touring on a motorcycle).

Beautiful country of Vietnam!
Beautiful country of Vietnam!

Have you ever thought about touring Vietnam on a motorcycle?

For sure it’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that will be the experience of a lifetime, you may want to consider it.

So the problem is, there are lots of things to arrange and lots to think about when you decide to tour Vietnam on a motorcycle. The great news is, you can do it, even if you have very little experience riding a motorcycle!

Two Wheels and Rice Fields
Two Wheels and Rice Fields

Two Wheels and Rice Fields

After completing their motorcycle journey and taking accurate notes throughout the entire process Ant and Elise (travel blogger friends of mine), wrote an eBook called Two Wheels and Rice Fields*.

I recently got a copy of their guide and after going through it, it got me so excited  about Vietnam and all the possibilities of adventure that come with independently touring on a motorcycle!

Here are some of the highlights in 120-page guide:

Another really useful part of Two Wheels and Rice Fields is the resources section which is stocked with money-saving coupons for great discounts on hostel rooms and motorcycle specific deals.

I would have liked to see:

Motorcycle tour of Vietnam
Motocycles in Vietnam

Overall, it’s a really valuable guide filled with lots of useful information if you’re considering a motorcycle trip in Vietnam.

Deciding to motorcycle through Vietnam is not a small decision.

It takes some money, responsibility and lots of planning, and Two Wheels and Rice Fields is a perfect resource to begin with.

I think the best part about the guide is that it really made me think through what it all involves and the most important logistics of a motorcycle trip.

There are so many things I would have never thought through before reading the guide.

It’s on sale for just 17 dollars right now. If you’re thinking about motorcycling through Vietnam make sure you grab a copy of the guide by clicking here* (it will be extremely useful for your trip).

* The links on this review are affiliate links, meaning if you get the guide, I’ll get a percentage of the price. This is my honest review – if you are interested in motorbiking in Vietnam, this is a great guide for you!