Top 8 Reasons to Travel

By Mark Wiens No Comments

This is a list of my top 8 reasons to travel or migrate.  They are by no means set in concrete and could probably change as travel takes place.

1.  Meet New People

A great thing about traveling is the people that are always, without a doubt met along the way. Could be people you meet who are fellow travelers or local citizens who reside there. Either way, there is always an opportunity to meet extraordinary folks with extraordinary stories.

2.  Get a Broader Perspective

Traveling opens your eyes to changes and differences in the ways things get done or the way people live. Observing differences can increase your experience and positively change the way you think about things.

3.  Jobs (maybe later)

We have reached a point in this world where multinational corporations and businesses are thriving. Many look for well cultured, well traveled, and diverse individuals, who have experience in multiple countries.

4.  Building Character

Nothing builds character as fast as having to be patient, having to do things that are not like they use to be, or having to do things in a way never attempted before. Traveling can lay a foundation for building better character.

5.  Observing

A great thing to do when traveling is just to observe and analyze everything about the other place.  From the people, to the music, to the food, to the lifestyle, there is always time to observe other cultures in different places.

6.  Beautiful Natural Environments

There are thousands of amazingly beautiful places to see in this world, from mountains and beaches, to glaciers and waterfalls, all of them being unique. There are countless wonderfully created environments that are just far too beautiful to miss.

7.  Amazing Manmade Structures

From the ancient Mayan civilization to the modern construction boom in the Middle East, humans have been building for thousands of years. Often we see pictures, read about, or hear stories of these feats. Why not visit them, breath the air around them, and analyze them for yourself.

8.  Food

Of course, since this is Mark Wiens writing, it could be one of my personal favorite activities, which combined with traveling, multiplies its significance. There is no substitute, we all need food. Traveling opens up doors to eat and drink what locals eat and drink. I believe food is one of the best ways to tap into a culture as well as to get to know and meet people.

If you have any other great reasons to travel, please leave a comment!