The New Meaning of Eating Off A Stick

By Mark Wiens No Comments

One of Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia’s favorite late night food groups is “Satay Celup.” A restaurant offering satay celup skewers up a large and random assortment of edible bite size things, creating a new definition of what it means to eat off a stick.


There are really only two restaurants to eat satay celup at as suggests, Ban Lee Hiang and Capitol Satay.  I chose the latter.

The basic drill is as follows:

1.  Grab a tray and choose as many sticks from the fridge as you want.

2.  Bring them back to your table and dip them in the greasy boiling peanut sauce (that table after table has been dipping them in).

3.  After the sticks finish cooking, or are fully greased through and through, eat stick after stick after stick after stick (they really go down pretty easily).  By all means, don’t worry about double dipping, the peanut sauce will go to the next hungry table.

The price is per stick, so after you are finished munching, a worker will count up the sticks and charge you accordingly, showing you how fat you were.


There is a pretty decent variety of skewered edibles, definitely something that will please everyone’s palette. The sticked items include everything from squid balls, bread, mushrooms, and watercress, to hot dogs, pork,  shrimp, and crab.


It’s a messy meal, but every bite size chunk counts as a burst of flavor.

If you ask the owner, he will unleash the raw jumbo prawns from the kitchen.  They are excellent cooked in the peanut sauce.

-Migration Mark