Undercover Mexican Chorizo at the Soya Center in Sri Lanka

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My Glorious Sri Lankan Chorizo Burrito
My Glorious Sri Lankan Chorizo Burrito

I’ll admit, I have far too many favorite foods in this world.

One of them happens to be the spicy porky heart-stopping Mexican sausage known as “Chorizo.”

Chorizo is fried in a pan along with eggs and perhaps a little extra chili sauce. The oily mess is often added to a greasy tortilla and wrapped up like a beautiful package.

Sri Lankan Mexican Food

That brings me to Kandy, Sri Lanka, where I spotted a kid eating something that looked identical to a “Mexican chorizo burrito.” But in Sri Lanka?

I wanted to question him and drill him like I was investigating a crime scene.

It was soon that I traced his deed to the Soya Center restaurant at the Kandy YMCA. I didn’t know what to think…vegetarian chorizo – the 2 words together are already sacrelige – I might get shot if I mentioned “vegetarian chorizo” in Mexico.

I nervously got to the counter at the Soya Center and pointed to the burrito looking thing in the cabinet. “Soy Roti” she asked, and I nodded.

I sat down, unwrapped the paper, took my first bite – and my dream came true.

It tasted just like the chorizo I remembered, that extreme addictive saltiness that you know is unhealthy, but you couldn’t even be forced to stop eating it – and this one was all vegetarian!

Soya Center, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Soy Ice Cream, Sri Lanka

After my emotional vegetarian chorizo experience, I grabbed a cone of soy milk ice cream. Everyone was eating it, so I knew there must be something special to it.

It was insanely good. Just like I couldn’t detect that my chorizo wasn’t meat, I couldn’t tell the ice cream wasn’t really milk.

If you ever make it to Kandy, Sri Lanka, this could be one of the best things the city has to offer – you can’t miss it! Sri Lankan food is amazing!

Kandy Soya Center

Kotugodella Veediya Road in Kandy Center, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Do you like chorizo?