Burger Hut: Nairobi Kenya’s Best Burger

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments

The Double Hut Burger and Masala Chips

Location: Burger Hut, Nairobi, Kenya, in the area of Westlands

Cost: Burger with Chips- 240 KES Kenya Shilling ($3.11 USD)


This is NOT an ordinary burger.  This is the ultimate African answer to all Western food that is an oozing masterpiece of success.  Growing up in Nairobi, the Double Hut had come to my rescue on more than a few occasions.  Returning to Nairobi 4 years later, I headed directly to Burger Hut to order the pilgrimage worthy item.

I’m surry, sar (sir), we arre outt ove beefs.”  How could a restaurant named Burger Hut be out of BEEF, I was outraged!!!  I returned the following day and ordered my favorite “Double Hut Burger.”


Starting from the top, a sesame bun, unkown whitish pink sauce,  fried egg, Kenyan cheese, lucsious beef, pickles, tomato, more sauce, lettuce, bun, beef, cheese, more sauce, lettuce, bun, and maybe a little extra grease and special sauce thrown in randomly for just a few extra added calories.  The result is an ultra greasy burger explosion that nonchalantly takes the world’s best burger award!


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If you are in Nairobi, don’t miss out on Burger Hut!

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