Photo Favorite: Luscious Zanzibari Rice Biryani

By Mark Wiens 10 Comments
Luscious Zanzibari Rice Biryani
Luscious Zanzibari Rice Biryani

Immediately after arriving in Stone Town, Zanzibar, I have little choice but to take the most direct route to Lukmaan restaurant for a plate (or 3) of their Zanzibar biryani.

The fragrantly spiced rice is served alongside a pile of pickled onions and tomatoes and a scoop of the most luscious mutton or fish and biryani sauce that I’ve ever had.

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  • Steve Lyons

    7 years ago

    Great Z-bar travel guide. Makes me want to head over. And now you have made me hungry for Biriani which I definitely like better than Pilau.

  • 50+ and on the Run

    9 years ago

    Oh, yum–more food porn! Thanks!

  • Anji

    9 years ago

    My mom’s Indian Biryani is definitely my favorite rice dish in the world! Didn’t know that biryani also existed in Indonesia! Your dish does look very tempting though…!

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Hey Anji! I can imagine your mothers’s biryani is the best in the world – I don’t think you can beat home cooked!

  • Andrea

    9 years ago

    Looks delicious!!

  • sully86

    9 years ago

    mark: Why mark??? why???