Photo Favorite: Luscious Zanzibari Rice Biryani

By Mark Wiens 10 Comments
Luscious Zanzibari Rice Biryani
Luscious Zanzibari Rice Biryani

Immediately after arriving in Stone Town, Zanzibar, I have little choice but to take the most direct route to Lukmaan restaurant for a plate (or 3) of their Zanzibar biryani.

The fragrantly spiced rice is served alongside a pile of pickled onions and tomatoes and a scoop of the most luscious mutton or fish and biryani sauce that I’ve ever had.

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  • Steve Lyons

    10 years ago

    Great Z-bar travel guide. Makes me want to head over. And now you have made me hungry for Biriani which I definitely like better than Pilau.

  • 50+ and on the Run

    12 years ago

    Oh, yum–more food porn! Thanks!

  • Anji

    12 years ago

    My mom’s Indian Biryani is definitely my favorite rice dish in the world! Didn’t know that biryani also existed in Indonesia! Your dish does look very tempting though…!

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      Hey Anji! I can imagine your mothers’s biryani is the best in the world – I don’t think you can beat home cooked!

  • Andrea

    12 years ago

    Looks delicious!!

  • sully86

    12 years ago

    mark: Why mark??? why???