Migrationology: Living with Future Intentions

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This is Part 5 of the “Foundationology of Migrationology” series.

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Migrationology – The sustainable way to pursue your passion

Migrationology is about finding a sustainable way to turn your passion into your life.

Just as Wildebeest in the plains of the Serengeti make an annual migration to find necessary food, so migrationology is about migrating into a lifestyle that your’re excited about.

What are your passions and your goals?

Here are a few starting steps:

Keep your dreams at the front of your head (not in the back of your head), because when dream are at the front, you’ll make them a reality.

What are my goals?

As you can probably tell, I am highly passionate about 2 things: travel and food.

My goal is to take my passions and turn them into a sustainable way to live, learn and help others. Oh, I would also like to eventually be able to afford a family.

What does that mean for me?

What steps am I taking?Mark Wiens

I live well for less than $300 per month in Bangkok. This is a low enough cost for me, where I can afford to take time and push to develop my ideas that revolve around my passions.

My home base at the moment is in Bangkok, but it’s a home base because it’s a great link to the world. I can continue to travel and make trips during my migration.

I’m in the process of building Migrationology. At the moment I publish 2 articles and 1 photo favorite each week.

I do work hard, often sitting at the computer for 14 + hours a day (not everyday, but when I have no plans), but I enjoy it.

Aside from Migrationology, a friend and I have collaborated on a Thai street food blog at EatingThaiFood.com. Thai food is made to share, and it’s our goal to get that word out by publishing all sorts of media about Thai food.

I recently launched my first ever product, the Eating Thai Food Guide, a collaboration of my hobby, something we must do on a daily basis, and an opportunity to make some profit. It came at the cost of a lot of eating, some time, and a few computer frustrations. But it’s there, it’s a sustainable product, and it now costs me nothing to keep selling (apart from a $5 per month e-junkie fee that swiftly takes care of all sales and downloads of an e-product).

At the moment, I’m working on writing a couple of travel guides, keeping up with a number of blogs, and doing some freelance writing.


I hope this Foundationology of Migrationology series has been beneficial.

If you have any questions, concerns, requests or anything else, feel free to leave a comment, send me a tweet, hit up the facebook fanpage, or send me a personal message here.

Many thanks for your help and support.

I’d love to hear your questions or comments below.


This is Part 5 of the Foundationology of Migrationology series.

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