Migrationology Explained

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Migrate as dictionary.com puts it, is “to go from one country, region, or place, to another.” It is about the periodic, non boundary, movements of something or someone to a different environment which often has a different climate. Ology, is any “science or branch of knowledge.” Put together we have the branch of knowledge dealing with movements from one place to the next and explained as what I call migrationology.


In the more practical sense, migrationology is a study of the world by doing things. Living life, traveling and being in one place long enough to call it a migration rather than a vacation. Its about leisurely experiencing a particular place and interacting to get much more meaningful insight. Its about culture, lifestyle, positive habits, eating, helping, teaching, and learning. There are no substitute classroom professors who could adequately teach the subject of Migrationology. It must be fully experienced and enacted to be of relevant value.

A migrationologist is a jack of many trades, someone who strives to learn from all migratory shifts and study them. A migrationologist is perhaps a nomad, almost definitely a vagabond, always a student, and always appreciative of change. He is someone who can remain mobile, yet settle down for an unknown amount of time.

Migrationology is broad, many different lifestyles can make up that of a migrationologist. These are purely my thought on a migrationologist, I want you to have your own unique twists and tweaks to what migrationology is for yourself.

why vacation, when you can migration…

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  • vishal kaushik

    3 years ago

    Great post.!!

  • Myong

    7 years ago

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