Mama Dosa – A Meal Fired on the Streets of Burma

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Indian Dosa in Burma
Indian Dosa in Burma

There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal.

In almost any country I visit, there’s one (or more) of those sweet lady’s that serves a dish where the power of their motherly hands radiates with love through their irresistible cooking.

Mama Chapati in Morogoro, Tanzania had seduced me and Mama Mumtaz with her Zanzibari Mix had filled me with joy that could only be the result of a freshly prepared recipe by a motherly figure.

Mama Dosa – Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Dosa in Myanmar
Mam Dosa – Checking the Flames

It was almost a torturous personal moment as I waited on a plastic stool on the street of Yangon and watched Mama Dosa as she spread a ladle of batter on the flaming iron skillet and let it linger.

The painful test of patience was merely 20 seconds yet as the smoke billowed from the charcoal and the smell drifted towards my nose, it felt like an eternity.

I was so excited I couldn’t control myself, vainly attempting to ease my restless legs with my mouth already watering.

Dosa, Myanmar
Adding Oil to the Dosa

Part of the reason Burmese cuisine is so fascinating is because of its unique mixture of food that includes many Indian and Bangladeshi specialities.

A dosa is basically a thin pancake that is cooked on a griddle and served along with an array of curries for dipping flavor. This dosa on the streets of Yangon came with a little bit of daal, a creamy spiced curry and a little bit of Indian style pickles.

Dosa Yangon
About To Dig In!

As soon as the dosa was brought to the little plastic table, nothing else really mattered. The boisterous calamity of the streets of Yangon went silent as my eyes focused on the piping hot dosa laid before me.

It was more than I had expected. The dosa, along with the street atmosphere and the expert cooking technique all added up to a dosa that was truly magnificent.

After licking my metal plate clean, I knew what I absolutely had to do: Order another round!