Life Stages of a Chicken in Thailand (All In 1 Picture)

By Mark Wiens 7 Comments

This picture from Khlong Toey Market in Bangkok, Thailand, showcases the chicken for food hierarchy.  This woman owns live chickens that run around a pen before losing their lives for a family in order to make a meager income. 

The income is then wisely spent on food or other livelihood necessities.  On top, the woman nonchalantly eats from a Styrofoam container.  The chickens may not know, but the woman surely knows, that this is the process of life (little does Harry know that he is bound to be next in the Styrofoam container and there’s no redemption).  A little morbid, but such is the Life of a Chicken in Thailand!

life of a thai chicken

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  • Randall

    14 years ago

    That is one of the most hilarious pictures! I just had to show some friends at work.

    You are so right Mark, when you are in a new country like that it is possible to step out of our “American” norms.

    That is what I love about travel to the Philippines. When I was last there I ate Chicken Feet all by themselves!! They call it addidas..

    Grilled and Barbequed, still not one of my all time favorites.

  • Matt Hope

    14 years ago

    I honestly don’t think I could handle eating a chicken that still has its feet…

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      Hehe, Matt, If you are in the right situation I’m sure you will love it!

  • Gourmantic

    14 years ago

    Nicely done! 🙂

  • Josh Healy

    14 years ago

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