Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

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Talat Nam Khlong Lat Mayom floating market in Bangkok, Thailand, is a paradise of serenity, a place where nothing seems to be in a hurry and no one seems like they are out to get you. 

Boat vendors stir fry their dish of the day, store owners allow you to look without buying, and artists smile as you admire their handiwork. 

Everything at Khlong Lat Mayom floating market fits perfectly together like an uncomplicated all-fun puzzle…with great food.

Thailand floating market

The outskirts of Bangkok are known for famous tourist attracting and more than chaotic floating market’s like Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa floating market.  These markets are wonderful for the energetic, but don’t allow for peaceful relaxation.  At Khlong Lat Mayom the case is quite opposite delivering a haven for relaxation and an opportunity to have a floating market experience minus a lot of the bustle and fuss.

When I was there a boat peacefully paddled down the canal and unless I hadn’t heard the chit chat or the searing sound of a flaming wok on board, I wouldn’t have ever known they passed.

Thailand floating market

Aside from food, other things like house plants, selections of fruit, and home furnishings were all for sale directly off boats.

boats on lay mayom floating market

The entire scene of boat vendors on the quiet and heavily forested Khlong Lat Mayom canal enthralled me and I immediately wanted to begin looking for a dwelling in the vicinity.

lat mayom floating marketI sampled a number of dishes including guay teow khua gai fried noodles, and an uncommon traditional dish known as khao chair.  It consisted of a bowl of ice water with smokey burnt rice at the bottom, and an accompanying dish filled with an assortment of candied fish and other unidentifiable things.

thai iced rice

The market also contains a section away from the boats yet still surrounded by a network of canals and greenery. This section is filled with little stalls selling a range of things like clay statues, local Thai souvenirs, and antiques. 

Cute restaurants on stilts, kids neatly painting pottery, and massage booths hovering over lush ponds, add to the comforting environment.

kids painting

“I felt completely at home, like I could set up a lean-to on the banks of the canal and call it a night.  I would naturally wake up early with the morning sunshine to a couple of tranquil boats eager but not pushy to sell me something delicious.  I would get on a covered raft with a straw hat on and let a porter calmly paddle me through the vegetation while I sat cross legged, deep in thought.  I could really turn this market into a lifestyle…”

lat mayom floating market in thailand

Khlong Lat Mayom floating market is friendly, unobtrusive, and extremely soothing.  Another bonus is that the market is located in Bangkok and doesn’t take long to reach.

How to get to Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Open only on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.  I would recommend getting there right about 10 am when things are just getting started.

The market is located on Bang Lamad Road which is off Bang Khae-Bang Bua Thong Outer Ring Highway,
Taling Chan, Thonburi, Bangkok

The easiest way to get there is to hop in a taxi from Wang Wian Yai BTS station and tell the driver to go to Talat Nam Khlong Lat Mayom.  The taxi should only cost around 100 THB.

Check out the official directions from their website here and print off directions in Thai.

– Migration Mark

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  • Brian

    6 years ago

    Can anyone one compare this floating market to the Taling Chan floating market? I heard good things about that too and headed to one or the other this June with my teenage kids. thanks!

  • Christine Lu

    8 years ago

    Always your big fan, Mark. Thanks for the amazing blogs and youtube videos. I’m going to visit Bangkok in December and thinking to take my family to Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market. I’m wondering is it still the easiest way to get there by taxi from Wang Wian Yai BTS Station? Thank you in advance.

  • Angela Kirschner

    8 years ago

    Hi Mark, we are planing to go to Thailand next month from Jan 5 to 19. I watching your videos and reading your tips and I find very helpful. Thank you so much.

    We are from Brazil and to go to Southeast Asia is very far for us and we want to make the best of it.

  • Jane Choi

    10 years ago

    I searched for this market in google map. but it says permanently closed…:( do you know if it is still open?

  • sue

    10 years ago

    Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

    Is is open on Dec 25th, 2014?

  • David

    11 years ago

    Hey Mark,
    Have you tried the Bang Phli Floating Market. Would you recommend it?

  • Gazza

    11 years ago

    Hey mark would you recommend this market more or bung nam pheng??

  • May

    11 years ago

    Hi Mark, I’m taking my in-law to visit thailand in July. I came across your site and find it very useful. Thank you. I do have a question, which floating market would be best to take them to? I also have a 2 year old and a 5 year old who I will be bringing a long on the trip. They are well behave children. 🙂

    • May

      11 years ago

      thank you Mark


  • Luke

    11 years ago

    Hey Mark, thanks for sharing this. We took the family last weekend and had a fantastic time. Such a relaxing place, and a clean, tidy market with great food Can’t wait to go back again!


  • Jeff Robinson

    12 years ago

    This is the best article about the market I’ve seen. I live near there and assist with the English class on the klong when I can that’s taught by my Thai friend. On Saturdays at 1 PM there’s a very good boat tour that goes to a art colony on the klong from Taling Chan floating market for 99 Baht that’s also fun

  • Saman

    12 years ago


    Just a one word Friend



  • Selvakumar

    13 years ago

    Hi Mark,

    Ur Videos are amazing. Beatiful. I 2 would like to join you 🙂


  • Sunee

    13 years ago

    You are awesome! I was just about to tell you to go to Lat Mayom and sample Urai’s noodle salad reputed to be the best dish of the market. If you haven’t done so, please try to. You won’t be disappointed. I know the vendor personally and I know how she puts her heart into making this. You’ll know it too, from the first bite.

    Khao chae is an acquired taste. If you like it, you like it. If not, it’s a bit strange but not unpleasant. Traditionally it’s mostly available in summer and during Songkran (water festival).

    Your webs are truly wonderful! Genial! Congrats!