How To Save Money To Travel

By Mark Wiens 3 Comments


One way to either start traveling, or  to make travel last longer, is to save more money.

This money saving technique I’m going to share with you is not about penny pinching – that’s the wrong attitude.

Instead it’s about living frugally and being able to save money on the small, and continual things.

Those are the things that add up day after day, month after month, and make a big dent in our budgets.

But rather than try to explain this concept with words, I decided to show you by video.

Press play now…

(if you cant’s see the video, watch How to save money to travel on YouTube)

One last thing I want to re-emphasize.

I’m not saying you should wash your clothes in a bucket.

For myself, that’s not a sacrifice, simply because I think it’s just more convenient.

In order to save money to travel you need to start analyzing yourself, not about the large seemingly impossible things to save on, but about the micro everyday things.

What can you do to start saving money today?

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