Cairo is Crazy: Exposed in 18 Photo Scenes

By Mark Wiens 5 Comments

Initial impressions of Cairo, Egypt can lead to overwhelming emotions of confusion, attempting to sort out the jumble of energy and life that surges in Egypt’s capital.  Like in most mega-cities, being aggressive is mandatory and taking the micro-advantages over others is common.

However, even in the hustle of chaos, individuals enact their Egyptian hospitality, often willing to go the extra mile to ensure a foreign visitors safety and satisfaction in Egypt. Though main streets are usually occupied with raging traffic and temper flaming motorist’s, within minutes one can escape into a back street for a couple cups of tea or bite to eat.  A day of navigating Cairo is crazy and exhausting, yet rewarding.


From the Citadel, one can view a hazy panorama of Cairo’s skyline.  During sunset the great Pyramids of Giza loom in the distance, caressed in dramatic warm colors of the sun’s rays piercing Cairo’s pollution.





Kushari, a mix of starches, beans and tomato sauce, is a hungry man’s companion throughout Cairo.


Extremely sweet honey filled desserts give a boost of energy to the weary.


Islamic Cairo bursts with ancient buildings and cluttered streets.



This particular grilling meat cart, permanently situated near Ramses Station, is among my favorites!


Arabic bread rests in the sunlight to dry out all over the streets.


Cats and other creatures find shelter in heaps of street side messes.


These Egyptian men (as well as myself) found great laughter in offering a cigarette to a lamb head and having me take a photo, at a steetfood stall in downtown Cairo.


Even in the center of bloody street butchers, men find moments to puff on water pipes or sip on a hot cup of tea or ahwa coffee.




“The more you can expose your goods onto the street, the more sales you will make.”  Some vendors even just throw their makeshift store onto the side of the street as cars swerve around it.


Fruits are intricately displayed in amusing sculptures and served in choice cocktails and blends or juices.




The Great Pyramids are 1 of Cairo’s biggest attractions.  All of a sudden the modern city comes to an abrupt halt as the burial structures of a few of the greatest Pharaoh’s begin.


Where there are people, there will be food, and men in Cairo like to eat!




When darkness falls, it’s nice to take a sailboat (felucca) ride on the Nile River, listening to the backdrop of chaos and ever present honking of horns in a jumbled melody as the soothing calmness of the Nile rejuvenates and refreshes.

Cairo is chaotic, but it is that chaos and appearance of disorder that give the city it’s intense charisma and provides everlasting entertainment.