Best of the Boat Noodles

By Mark Wiens No Comments

img_0659Boat noodles are small bowls of noodles served up dry or with soup, bursting with with all forms of expressive flavor, sure to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Bangkok is famous for them, and they are not to be missed and are not disappointing.  As Hungry in Bangkok suggests, “the emphasis is on the food, not the decor,” in their review of boat noodles, and my experience was quite the same (wouldn’t want it any different).

img_0652The bowls are small, consisting of 2-3 slurpy bites, forcing one to order many bowls.  I started off ordering three bowls, thick rice noodles with soup, thin rice noodles with soup and peanuts, and egg noodles dry.  Soon more and more were brought before me and there was absolutely no resisting.  8 or 12 bowls later, I decided to layoff, though it wouldn’t have been difficult to eat another couple dozen.

img_0656By the end of the meal, we had racked up a respectable amount of bowls, and I can safely say I was on my way to becoming a pro boat noodle connoisseur (at least I’d like to think so).