A Stroll Through Bangkok’s Healthy Family Park

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Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom

About 2 hours of roaring through Bangkok’s highways, and I arrived at the massive environmental park and Buddhist shrine known as Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Upon arrival, we initially made our way through a few lush gardens before arriving to the center stage.

The massive statue of Buddha towers into the sky and is surrounded by neatly manicured gardens filled with bushes hedged into animals and grass cut so evenly you could balance a level.

Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
Monument at Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
anonymous temple

Apparently at Buddhamonthon, if you don’t know the name of a temple or house, simply put up a sign with a little roof over a giant question mark!

Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
Code of conduct

I came across the Code of Conduct for Buddhamonthon and here are the highlights:

Living in Asia, I’ve seen my share of misspelled words, however, misspelling is usually a consistent procedure.  On this official guide, person is spelled person, persoc, and preson…all on a single sign!  Was it written by 3 different people, without any sort of communication???

11. A person shall not trap, kill, annoy, shoot or throw missiles at any animal.

gardens at putthamonthon
Beautiful greenery

Surrounding the giant statue of Buddha, is a monstrous and well maintained park filled with beautiful ponds, canals, forest green trees, and huts for relaxing.  The entire area is set up conveniently to picnic and ease through an afternoon.

Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
Nice stroll through the park

Around the park, families take time to spread a mat, let the children run around freely, and dose off under the shade with the aid of an afternoon breeze.

Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
Great place to relax

This lush green landscape mixed with all kinds of tropical greens was so quiet and so ideal that I saw 3 different wedding parties shattering the silence with ladyboy costume artists fussing about and being picky about the situation.

Buddhamonthon in Nakhon Pathom
Or you can feed the birds

Buddhamonthon is really quite an ideal situation; adults recline in their folding chairs or mats dipping sticky rice balls into som tam juice, while children dig around in the dirt, chase pigeons, and feed the swarms of fish in the ponds.

Children Garden

I’ve always been a fan of playgrounds and even in my older teenage years I resented the idea that I was too big to play in the swimming pool of balls or to climb in the jungle gym.

Let me introduce you to the Children Garden in Buddhamonthon Park where there is absolutely not a height or weight discrimination.  In fact, the entire family is sternly invited to play at will in an effort to “cultivate good health,” and improve…well basically everything about a family.

This here playground just may be the ultimate cure-all for everything!

Sign Reads:

“The Children Garden is a place for all ages of people including families and other beneficiaries.  It is set aside for the recreation to keep mental rest and the enjoyment of physical activities to cultivate good health at no price.  The Children Garden also contributes to the promotion of child health as well as the physical and mental health of the general public while strengthening families.” – Children Garden (Buddhamonthon Park, Thailand)

Next time you want to have a stroll, enjoy a picnic, get married, or play on a family healthy playground, head out to Nakhon Pathom for a lazy day at Buddhamonthon!

-Migration Mark

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  • Jack Olier

    1 year ago

    It was really nice place to visit Bangkok. Last year I had a plan for this beautiful place. Unfortunately could not execute it due to my grandmother’s illness. But I saved these parks in my visit future checklist will visit soon.

  • tetris unblocked

    1 year ago

    The scenery here is very beautiful, I wish I had the opportunity to come here to see the scenery with my own eyes.

  • Hindihealthpoint

    2 years ago

    Great article thanks

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    2 years ago

    Great article

  • naeemkhan

    3 years ago

    A beautiful “healthy” park. if your health fit and fine to need healthy place like this.

  • cbd reakiro

    3 years ago

    Interesting article! I want to visit this park so much, because my son want it) I hope soon I will visit it) thanks for information!

  • Barney Joe

    3 years ago

    I was planning to visit Bangkok this year but thanks to covid-19, the plan is now dropped. That place was is my Bangkok tour checklist. I hope next year I’ll visit this amazing park.

  • Andrew Wood

    3 years ago

    I have actually visited that place back in 2018 during my travel to Bangkok. It was one of the finest places to visit in Bangkok with a family-friendly environment.

  • Vishal

    5 years ago

    Great article. Thanks a lot.

  • Christian Kjeldsen

    5 years ago

    Looks like a beautiful “healthy” park. This misspelling in Asia are always so funny.

  • Phil Worthington

    9 years ago

    Have paid two visits to the park – still have not seen it all! A beautiful place, great for families, and a photographer’s paradise!