5 Foods To Try In Magaluf, Majorca

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lizarran tapas selection
Tapas (photo by scaredykat)

This is a guest post by Tom Bourlet.

Large amounts of tourists from all over the world take their holidays in Magaluf, Majorca, each year.

Some arrive clutching their beach towels in anticipation of enjoyable days underneath the Mediterranean sun. Others are eager to try the famous Spanish cocktails and party hard in the local nightclubs.

Very few visitors think about the gastronomical experiences that they can have in this busy coastal resort. And yet food lovers are presented with the opportunity to try some of the delicious dishes famous in Magaluf!

1. Ensaimadas

The best way of starting an action packed day in Magaluf is to bite into an ensaimada.

These buns are made out of bread, flour, water, sugar, eggs and pig’s lard. They have a smooth texture and can be purchased in various sizes, ideal for sharing or nibbling at your leisure.

2. Tapas

As the sun sets in the Mediterranean sky, the hungry tourists head out to explore the dining options that Magaluf has to offer. You could join your friends for some fantastic Majorcan tapas at the luxurious Pardos restaurant. Just remember to avoid the spicy sauce if you want to impress the opposite sex during your holiday to Magaluf.

Fideua (photo by jlastras)

3. Fideua

If you don’t fancy tapas then there is always the option of heading out to one of the beach-front restaurants and ordering the tasty Fideua. It is very similar to the traditional paella. However, the rice is substituted for good quality noodles.

Flan de Turrón
Turron (photo by jlastras)

4. Turron

You are encouraged to try the sweet turron bar at some point during your Magaluf holidays with Directline holidays. This light bite was traditionally made in the charming Spanish town of Xixona. It has a soft texture and makes for the perfect pudding.

5. Fast Food

After dancing the night away to tunes played by the big name dj’s at BCM Planet Dance or The Office Club you may be in the mood for some fast food. You’ll discover burger bars and fish and chip shops that stay open well into the night on the Magaluf strip. Most use Spanish produce in the creation of calorific snacks.

So next time you’re in Magaluf, be sure to not only relax on the beach, but also eat a few of the local specialties!

About the Author: Tom is a world traveler that enjoys spending time in Magaluf and sampling all the wonderful food.