2 Weeks In Bangkok

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Here’s the story of how it happened:

On a number of videos on YouTube I received comments that were along the lines of:

“Can you make some videos showing the attractions and traveling in Bangkok?”

And they got me thinking:

I’ve been based in Bangkok since 2009.

Bangkok Travel Video Guide
2 weeks in Bangkok!

When I came for the first time, I visited all sorts of attractions and went all over the place… BUT that was before I started making videos.

When I started making videos, I had already done quite a bit in Bangkok, and I mostly just wanted to go to restaurants and make pure food videos (which is what I’ve been doing most of the time).

things to do in Bangkok
2 weeks of food and sight-seeing in Bangkok!

Along with the help of my wife Ying, we decided that we needed to take a full 2 Weeks in Bangkok, stay at hotels and experience Bangkok to the maximum by eating, going to attractions, and doing as much as we could in 2 weeks.

So that’s how it happened – and we went for it!

I am thrilled to bring to you this 2 Weeks in Bangkok travel guide and food video series. I hope these videos (and this free eBook to go with it) will be helpful and useful for you when you visit Bangkok.

Hotels we stayed at during the videos:

  1. Full House Khaosan (Khao San Road) – I paid $32 per night for a double room
  2. Marvin Suites (Sathon) – I paid $35 per night for double room
  3. St. James Hotel (Phrom Phong) – I paid $46 per night for double room
  4. Chatrium Hotel Riverside (Chao Phraya River) – I paid $110 per night for a double river-view room

Transportation (Taxi) – I’ve recently been getting around Bangkok (and in the series a couple times) with UberX quite frequently (it’s even cheaper than regular taxis and good service). If you use this link, you and I will both get a FREE ride.

Camera and Gear – I used a Lumix to film this entire series. Check out everything I used on my resources page.

2 Weeks in Bangkok Videos:

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Thank you very much for watching the 2 Weeks in Bangkok video guide series!

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